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Complimenting our PhotoLog, please find following our current list of published files, documents, articles, spreadsheets & video:

Business List

Darren J. Doherty CV

This is my current Curriculum is updated as we go along

Australia Felix Permaculture Account Terms & Details

Our Fee Schedule and Account Terms - the fun stuff....

Permaculture Design Certificate Course Program Outline

A short introduction to our Permaculture Design Certificate Course. Got a basic timetable, list of outcomes, etc.

3 day Keyline Design Course Outline

A short introduction to our 3 day Keyline Design Course. Got a basic timetable, list of outcomes, etc.

1 day Keyline Design Field Day Outline

A short introduction to our 1 day Keyline Design Field Day. Got a basic timetable, list of outcomes, etc.


Please Note: New 'Off the Contour' Column Blog

We have just made another blog specifically for my RegenAG 'Off the Contour' column.

Keyline Design Mark IV

Abe Collins ( and co-authored this article in late 2008 and it was then published in:
  • The Permaculture Activist
  • Acres USA
  • In Practice (the journal of Holistic Management International)
  • EcoHabitar (Castellano or Spanish)
The article spells out the fundamentals of Keyline Design and how Abe and I have woven its patterns & practice in with other land management methodologies such as Permaculture Design, Holistic Management, Integrated Agroforestry & Carbon Farming to beyond where P.A. Yeomans had evolved Keyline Design.

Small Dam Design (Permaculture Activist 2000)

I wrote this article back in 2000 for the Permaculture Activist (USA). Due to their publishing constraints they weren't able to publish the whole article, including many of the diagrams that I developed etc...this is the original 'uncut' version.

Australia Felix Permaculture_Retrospective 1993-2007 (EcoHabitar 2007)

I wrote this for the great Spanish magazine EcoHabitar in preparation for our tour and coursework there in June 2007. It was an opportunity to share our path in Professional Permaculture since we started way back in 1993.

EcoForestry (Earth Garden 1998)

A basic article outlining our approach to chemical free mixed species Forestry published in the very popular Earth Garden

A Modern Approach to Keyline Design Pt 1 (Town & Country Farmer 1996)

The second of 3 articles that I wrote for Town & Country Farmer outlining my experience and approach to Keyline to that time....I am trying to dig up the floppy discs (!) with the other two articles that I did in that series.


Workbook_1 , Workbook_2 , Workbook_3

The Workbook (here split up into 3 parts due to Google Documents file size restrictions) is a client management, site analysis and design/Bill of Quantities spreadsheet that has been a great help to many people over the years. Built out of necessity as a result of serving over 100 clients per year, it is a systems approach to the job of Permaculture Consultancy, Design and Development. The site analysis sheets are adapted from the Australian Soil and Land Survey Field Handbook, a soon to be revised but still standard text. I am always finding new bits to add in too, including for the 1st time the work of others: our friend Art Ludwig of Oasis Designs' Ferrocement Tank Building worksheets.

Report Templates

We intend on adding a lot more of these....these can help new and experienced designers with their report writing skills. There are also a range of standard designs that have since (!) proved to work over the years.

Sample Environmental Management Plan (EMP) 1996

Sample Report Template 2000

Sample Report Template_Excel 2000


Keyline 1955

Thanks to a Geoff Booth, who has archived several rather historic pieces of Keyline material, and Vimeo, we are now able to provide everyone with the opportunity to see a 'Rural Bank of New South Wales' feature on Keyline produced in 1955. This is an excellent piece and is a relevant as ever though of course combined with Permaculture and Holistic Management etc its capacity to rapidly restore agricultural landscapes has never before been more pronounced or possible: just cheap energy is not as available to do the starting work....The language is of its time and its a great piece that we take great pleasure in sharing with you all.

Sustainable World Radio October 5 2007

Interview with Jill Cloutier

Compost Shower

We needed a shower at a PDC so with 400' of 1" poly pipe and a 1m3 compost we were able to get a 90 degree F shower for the next 2 weeks with this system. Great thing was that it kept working after the course for another 2 months, and then another 2 months after it was turned again!

Dalpura Farm Work 2006

Adam Moore and I this little show one walking around Dalpura @ Moriac....its my 1st foray into 'Permatainment'

Yeomans Keyline Plow - The Process
, Yeomans Keyline Plow - Implement Description & Yeomans Keyline Plow - In Action

Logan Nevitt was inspired to bring a camera (albeit a pro camera with all the sound gear etc.) along to the 1st every Keyline Design Course we did at Orella Ranch in April of 2007 organised by the amazing Marg Erikson and Wes Roe of the Santa Barbara Permaculture Network . He taped just about everything during those 7 days and these are just some of his work with more to come.

Rx for the Biosphere (parts 1-20)

Logan Nevitt again taped a talk I gave at the Santa Barbara Library in December of 2007

Uprooted - Health Part 2 , Connection , Health , Renewability & Permaculture Training in Oberlin

Our good friend Brad Masi of the New Agrarian Centre in Oberlin, Ohio with some of his mates has been making quite a few videos over the last couple of years, their main release being 'The Real Low Calorie Diet'....These releases are those that I have featured in along with a lot of other fine folk.

To Come

Sample Permaculture Design Certificate Course Outline

Sample Permaculture Design Certificate Course Budget & Event Manager

6 day Keyline Design Course Outline

A View on Permaculture in Austria

A Modern Approach to Keyline Design (Pt.2)

Introduction to Permaculture Course Handbook

Sustainable Land-Use Techniques Workshop Handbook

New Ferrocement Tank Bill of Quantities (based on our own work)

More archived Permaculture Design Reports


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